Mexican Walking Fish – ENDANGERED SPECIES

Mexican Walking Fish – ENDANGERED SPECIES

            axolotl-mexican-walking-fish-101What is a Mexican Walking Fish

They are also known as Axolotls and  as a Mexican salamander (Ambystoma mexicanum) or a Mexican walking fish, is a neotenic salamander, closely related to the tiger salamander. They are referred to by some as water monsters. “Not these little Buggers” But sadly to say , they are endangered.

        Mexican walking fish can vary in different colors such as Gray,Tan,Brown, white, Golden Albino, and Blue.
They breathe through gills that look like feathers
They have four legs and a tail
They are coverd in skin not scales.
In the wild the most common color would be black.
Axolotls commonly known for there ability to regeneration which means if they were to lose a limb it could grow back in an average of 8 weeks.
Life span: May live longer then 10 years.
Size: A large size could range from 10-12 inches long, But average size would be 9-12 inches long.
Behavior  Some Axolotls have an odd behavior while being in captivity it might actually eat another axolotl or another axolotls eggs.That’s why its recommended to house them separately.



The kind of place Mexican Walking Fish live in is Lakes and ponds. The area is like a high altitude body of water surrounded by a risky terrestrial environment. Their habitat is like most of neotonic species. There are many animals that live around it such as an American Eel and they feed on nocturnal animals. American Eel is just like the Mexican Walking fish because they live in the same habitat they both are 30cm they spend their lives in water. Another animal is The Creek Chub and it is 15 to 30cm it lives in a pond and it eat fish just like the Mexican Walking fish. A Blacknose dace just live in North America with the Mexican Walking Fish. Last but not least a Fall Fish lives in North America and lives in Lakes and rivers. The country of continent that Axolotls live in is North America.

Mexican Walking Fish  are carnivorous(Meat eater)
In the wild they feed on snails,worms,crustaceans,small fish, and small amphibians.
In captivity they are known/recommended to feed on earthworms,small strips of beef/liver,blood worms,salmon or trout pallets.
-They find there food by sight and scent.
Axolotl-mexican-01 mexican walking fish Mexican_Walking_Fish_by_henrideacon mexican-walking-fish

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