Tents – What to look for when choosing for your camping get away.

Tents – What to look for when choosing for your camping get away.

So you may be considering getting a tent to go camping but do not know what to get. Well I am writing this article to help you out. The common types of tents are A-frame, Dome, and umbrella. Now there are other types of tents and they get really fancy but we will stick with the common ones in this article.

There are four things to factor in when buying a tent.

  1. Size
  2. Structural Form
  3. Weight
  4. Bulk

Weight and bulk come into play if you are carrying it on your back in such instances such has hiking or cycling.

As for the size you want you want to figure how many people are going to be with you. You will want to figure 25 square feet of space per person.

As for the structural form, that brings us back to the common types of tents. A-frame, Dome (Hexagon), And umbrella.

A-frame tent is the most common rugged type of tent and is inexpensive to produce.

a frame tent


As for the structural form you also want to consider the material you are going to use. Most tents are made out of a breathable nylon and come with a cover material know as a fly. The fly, looks like a tarp that goes over the tent to keep the water out and also to help provide shade.tent with fly captioned

Next is the dome tent, it has excellent qualities to deflect wind, snow, and water.Because dome tents have no corners, they do better in windy conditions. They can be pitched in any orientation to the wind since the shape relative to the wind is always the same. The pup tent, bivy, A-frame all catch the wind with the peaks. A dome tent weights more than other tents but provides more living space too. Many dome tents can accommodate up to 6 people easily.


dome tent resized


Now for the umbrella type tent. It is best for the hiker or motorist that provides there own shelter. It’s easy to carry not to heavy and bulky and provides enough room for it’s occupants. Like the dome tent it has excellent properties also for deflecting wind. It also gives you enough room to stand up and move around without stooping.

As for the fabric your smaller tents have the breathable nylon that i wrote earlier about and the larger types like pop ups and pull outs use a cotton woven canvas.

Than there are tents like this below and they get even bigger. I hope this helps, Thanks for reading.

luxary house tent

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