Which Are The Most Endangered Animals In The United State of America ( U.S.A.)

As the human society evolves, the animal habitat shrinks and that leads to the disappearance of many species. This is really unfortunate, and that’s why we need to do all in our power in order to help them the right way. With that in mind, here are some of the most endangered animals in the USA.

The red wolf
This species was actually thought to be extinct in the 70s, but a small population of red wolves still exists in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the red wolf population is shrinking very fast and they need to help of humans otherwise they will be extinct in a few years.


Shortnose Cisco
Even if it was a commercial success in the 40s, this fish is now close to extinction and we can only find a very small population somewhere near the Lake Huron. There are many efforts being made right now to enlarge the Short-nose Cisco population.
Leatherback turtle
The leatherback turtle is the largest in the world but its unique skin made it highly sought after. Nowadays, the turtle is almost extinct and that’s particularly true in the Pacific Ocean region where it was hunted for many years.

endangered Shortnose Cisco

The Florida Bonneted Bat
The Bonneted Bat is almost extinct as well, you can find a population of only 100 bats in the Fort Myers region. The interesting thing is that the small population was sighted only recently, as these bats were thought to be extinct around 10 years ago.

Florida bonneted bat

Scientists believe that there are few to no Nukupuus in the world right now. There were no sightings of this bird since 1998 but many consider it to be still alive and not extinct.
Black Grouper
The Black Grouper was highly sought after thanks to its taste and that’s what made this fish one of the rarest ones in the world right now. You can still find it in remote regions of the Atlantic.


Dusky Gopher Frog
The lower amounts of wetland area in Mississippi has led the Dusky Gopher Frog close to extinction. You can still find it in the area, but only in 3 ponds so it’s really close to being extinct.

endangered Dusky Gopher Frog

The Akekee is one of the rarest birds in Hawaii and the reason behind that is the increase in temperatures, the regional development and a malaria spread by mosquitoes

endangered Akekee bird.

Hawaiian Monk Seal
Humans and predators have led the Hawaiian Monk Seals close to extinction and even if efforts are being made to protect the species the overall number of seals is getting smaller and smaller.

endangered Hawaiian_monk_seal_at_French_Frigate_Shoals_07

Hawaiian Thrush
This stunning bird is thought to be extinct or close to extinction. One thing is certain, the last sighting was in the late 80s.
One thing is certain, there are many endangered animals in the world and the US does have thousands of endangered species alone that need to be saved as fast as possible. The entire human society needs to gather and help if we want to maintain these beautiful animals near us. A combined effort is all we need and hopefully these great creatures will get to live onward and see the light of day for many more years to come.

Hawaiian Thrush