The Bearcat

The BearcatAbout The proper name for the bearcat is binturong, and it is found in areas of South and Southeast Asia. Different locations have slightly altered names for this animal, but it is widely known as the bearcat, despite not being related to either bears or cats. Instead, they are a member of a group of... Read More »

Flying Fish

Flying FishAbout There are around 40 different species of flying fish located in oceans around the world. It is believed that these species evolved over 66 million years ago, and that they developed the ability to ‘fly’ to aid in escaping from predators. These predators include other sea creatures such as marlin, swordfish, tuna and mackerel.... Read More »

The White Bengal Tiger – Endangered Species

The White Bengal Tiger – Endangered SpeciesThe White Bengal Tiger About The white Bengal tiger is not actually a species within it’s own right. Instead, it is a result of inbreeding and genetics of the orange Bengal tiger. The first discovery of a white Bengal was back in 1915 in India, when a white tigress was shot and killed, and amongst... Read More »

Wilderness Survival – Building a survival kit

Wilderness Survival – Building a survival kitWilderness survival depends on many factors, and two of the most important of these is planning and preparation. Having the right information and equipment could mean the difference between a successful trip, and a disaster. Planning not only refers to where you are going to go and for how long, but also what you need... Read More »

Stuff to look at

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New Years Day Black Fish Tuna

Check out Jeremy’s Black fish Tuna he caught down in the Florida  Keys on New Years. ... Read More »